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All foreign tourists visiting Azerbaijan are recommended to fill out a customs declaration specifying the exact amount of cash. This declaration must be signed and stamped by the customs officer and preserved until departure from the Republic. To export antiques and carpets from the Republic, you must have special permission from the official services.

Export of foreign currency is allowed within the limits of the amount imported to Azerbaijan in accordance with the customs declaration.
It is allowed to import: alcohol products in a volume not exceeding 3 liters, cigarettes in an amount not exceeding 600 pieces.
It is prohibited to import: weapons and ammunition (with the exception of the hunting, for which a special permit is issued); drugs and drugs containing narcotic substances; animals; photographs and other printed materials that can be considered as directed against the constitutional order of Azerbaijan; fresh vegetables and fruits.

It is allowed to export: personal belongings and goods officially purchased in Azerbaijan, carpets in the presence of necessary certificates for them; not more than 125 gr. black caviar, 3 blocks of cigarettes and medicines in quantities sufficient for own needs.
It is prohibited to export: antique items, including precious stones, carpets and so on, without the permission of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan and relevant documents. Handicrafts, created before 1960, are also considered antiques.
If you purchased a carpet or carpet product, then you need to get a special certificate for it at the Azerbaijan State Museum of Carpet and Folk Arts. To do this, you need to provide your new carpet and obtain permits permitting its export. Otherwise, the product can be confiscated at the border.
The customs declaration issued at the entrance to the country must be kept until the moment of departure.

2. Check in at the hotel (hotel)

Check-in at the hotel (hotel) of tourists is made on the basis of a foreign passport and tourist voucher. The voucher (or confirmation) required for the arrival of tourists is sent by e-mail 3-4 days prior to arrival with all the necessary contacts of the host party for:
1) participants in sightseeing tours;
2) when booking hotels (without sightseeing tours), except Naftalan hotels. When booking Naftalan hotels, a voucher is enough

For the duration of your stay in Azerbaijan it is necessary to have a valid passport or an identity document (or a copy thereof) with a visa for entry into the country (for citizens of countries with a visa regime).
Foreign citizens who entered the visa-free regime may stay on the territory of the republic for up to 90 days. There is a compulsory registration at the place of stay within 10 calendar days from the moment of entry. Registration is notarial. The receiving party is obliged to provide a completed application form for the registration of the guest at the place of stay and a copy of his passport (the first page and the page with a note of entry). When registering foreign citizens, no state fee is charged. The application form and detailed information on the registration procedure are available on the website of the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Hotels assist in this procedure to their guests, but tourists who live in private apartments or hotels that do not have a license must go through the registration themselves. The registration is absolutely free, but the lack of registration can lead to a fine of 300-400 manats.
Check-in and check-out of the hotel are in accordance with the estimated hour of the hotel indicated in the voucher. On the day of departure, you must vacate the room before the specified check-in time.

Please, observe the rules of accommodation in the hotel. If you leave early for a good reason (illness, death of the next of kin), you need:
1) immediately contact the receiving party (the phones are indicated in the voucher of the receiving party) and coordinate their actions;
2) write an application in the name of the head of the accommodation facility, indicating the reason for the early departure and receive documents confirming the time of the actual stay in the facility.
The voltage in the electrical network is 220/240 V, 50 Hz. Standard are rosettes of the East European type with two pins.

3. General information for tourists

Location. Azerbaijan is located in the southeast of Transcaucasia. It borders with Russia, Georgia, Iran, Armenia and Turkey. In the east, the territory of Azerbaijan is washed by the waters of the Caspian Sea. At similar latitudes with Azerbaijan are Spain, Greece, Turkey and Korea.
The relief of Azerbaijan is very diverse: from lowlands to highlands. More than half of the territory of Azerbaijan is occupied by mountains belonging to the Greater Caucasus system in the north and the Lesser Caucasus in the west and southwest. The amplitude of the land's heights ranges from -26.5 m (Kura-Araks lowland) below the ocean level to 4,466 m absolute altitude (Bazarduzi peak). The shores of the Caspian Sea are indented. The length of the coastline is 955 km.
The natural conditions of Azerbaijan are diverse - from the warm and humid subtropics of the Lenkoran lowland and Talysh to the snowy highlands of the Greater Caucasus. In the republic, 9 of the 11 climate types in the world are observed, incl. semi-desert, dry steppe climate, subtropical, medium and cold climate.
Political structure. Azerbaijan is a democratic legal secular unitary republic. It is part of the CIS.
Population. About 9.7 million people (data from 2016).
Capital. The city of Baku with a population of more than 2.1 million inhabitants. Baku is the largest city in the Caucasus, the largest economic, industrial and scientific and technical center of Transcaucasia and the largest port on the Caspian Sea.
Naftalan. Balneological resort. The city of republican subordination in Azerbaijan. It is located 360 km from Baku and 48 km south-east of the second largest city of the country - Ganja, 18 km south of the railway station of Geran. The city produces medical oil - naphthalan.
Official language. Azerbaijani (Turkic group of languages). The Russian language is not official in Azerbaijan, but it is actively used among the residents of Baku and other major cities.
Time: All times are UTC + 4. The difference with Moscow is + 2 hours (daylight saving time). The difference with Moscow is 1 hour (winter time).
Religions. Azerbaijan is a secular state. Most of the population of the country professes Islam of Shiite persuasion.
Currency. The national currency of Azerbaijan is Manat, equal to 100 gepiks. 1 (USD) US dollar = 1.7 (AZN) Azerbaijani manat (as of April 2018) The rate of the National Bank may differ from that of private banks. To check the real rate at the time of travel, we recommend that you apply to the next resource of the International Bank of Azerbaijan
The best time to visit Azerbaijan is from April to June and September to October.
In Azerbaijan, quite a lot of sunny days. The temperature regime is formed depending on the characteristics of incoming air currents, the diversity of the relief and the degree of remoteness from the Caspian Sea.
The average annual temperatures vary from +15 ° C in the lowlands to -13 ° C in the mountains. The average July temperatures range from +29 ° C in the plains (maximum +35 - 41 ° C, but sometimes as high as +44 ° C) to -2 ° C in the highlands, and the average July temperatures from + 5 ° C to -24 ° C .

4. Local laws and customs

Azerbaijan is a secular country, despite strong Muslim and Caucasian traditions. The country has a European style of clothing. Along with restaurants of national cuisine (in which pork dishes are not served) there is a large number of restaurants in European and Oriental cuisine. In Baku and other major cities, most of the population speak Russian, young people also speak English. To tourists here, as everywhere in the East and Caucasus, are friendly and hospitable. Azerbaijan is the safest country in the region. Crime is almost absent here. Azerbaijanis are law-abiding people and respect other people's traditions.
When choosing a set of clothes for travel to Azerbaijan, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the climate, depending on the time of the year. For trips from May to September it is better to give preference to light summer clothes made of cotton fabrics, and in winter you can not do without warm jackets and raincoats. In the summer, be sure to have sunscreen and hat. For the duration of the excursions you will need the most comfortable shoes, including sneakers or sneakers, especially when visiting stony areas.
Strict rules for choosing clothes in Azerbaijan are not, especially in large cities. However, you should not wear defiant clothing: women should abandon the tight silhouettes, mini skirts and deep cuts, and men recommend excluding shorts and sleeveless sleeveless shirts from their wardrobe.
When attending religious sites, be sure to wear a modest closed clothing and have a handkerchief or scarf, and when entering the house to the locals it is necessary to take off their shoes.
Business hours: Government offices, banks and company offices are open from 9:00 to 18:00. Most grocery and department stores are open from 10.00 to 21.00 a day.
Night clubs, bars and restaurants close after midnight. Weekends are Saturday and Sunday (in state institutions, banks and company offices).
Photographing: It is allowed to conduct ordinary tourist photography and video shooting (the exception is the underground). When shooting unfamiliar people according to the rules of politeness, it is recommended to ask permission. In some historical places, a separate payment is required for the use of photo and video equipment.
Transport: Public transport in Baku is represented by shuttle buses, Baku Metro and a taxi (it is better to agree on the fare in advance). Transport links between regions are provided by intercity buses, railway transport and domestic flights of Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL).
The fare in public transport: metro - 20 gyapikov, bus - 20 gyapiki at a distance of 30 km, 30 and 50 gyapiki respectively up to 50 km and over 50 km. Payment is made in cash or by a transport card, including a single transport card, provided for payment of travel in the metro and bus.
Taxis in Azerbaijan work both on a meter and without a counter. The average cost of travel in Baku is 10 manat (from 3 to 5 km).
Lunch in a middle class restaurant. The cost of lunch in a restaurant without alcoholic drinks is 15-20 manats per person.
Tipping in many restaurants is 5-10% of the invoice amount, if there is no mention of this in the menu, you can add 10% to the account amount (sometimes in advance, this will speed up the service). A porter at an airport or hotel can leave 5-10 manats, depending on the amount of luggage.
Everywhere, especially in private shops and in the markets, you should bargain - with a certain ability to bring down the price twice easily enough.

5. Precautions and rules of conduct

For the duration of your stay in the country, you need to bring an identity document or a copy of the document with a visa to enter the country (in the absence of the original). When checking documents on the part of official services or in case of any problems with official bodies, immediately contact the representative of the host party (phone and contacts are indicated in the voucher of the receiving party) for solving all procedural issues.
Do not forget that prolonged exposure to the sun during the hot season can be harmful and dangerous. While on rest, protect the skin from harmful UV radiation and do not allow children to overheat.
It is strongly advised not to drink raw tap water. In shops and restaurants you can buy drinking bottled water or use boiled. We ask you to observe moderation in drinking, respecting the traditions of the country. Drinking spirits outside restaurants is not accepted in the country.
Thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits. Do not eat meat dishes that have not undergone sufficient thermal treatment.
Carefully ensure that your clothes are not excessively open.
It is undesirable in the conversation, especially with unfamiliar people, to raise the topic of the Azerbaijani-Armenian relations.
Azerbaijanis are very respectful of parents, older relatives, children and in general to the family. This should be taken into account, including telling about their lives and their family relationships, especially unfamiliar people.
Men should be extremely respectful of Azerbaijani women. With young women, communication should be reduced to a minimum, relatively free communication is allowed only with older women.
Do not leave your things unattended in public places: on the beach, in a cafe, etc. Do not carry return tickets and all the money.
Goods on the territory of Azerbaijan are paid for by national currency.
We recommend changing the currency only in banks and exchange offices and do not do it by hand. The difference in the rate in exchange offices in the city and at the airport is insignificant. Some hotels and shops have their own exchange offices. The recommended currency for the exchange is: USD or EURO.

Banks and currency exchange. In Baku, banks work from 9.00-9.30 to 17.00. You can exchange money only in banks and hotels. In public holidays and weekend banks and their branches in hotels do not work, so you can exchange currency only in the bank "Respublika" on the address Nyftchilar 67
Address in GoogleMaps
Plastic cards. Credit cards VISA and MASTER CARD are accepted for payment, mainly in large supermarkets of the capital, in some hotels and banks. The use of credit cards in the province is almost impossible.

If you get sick on a trip:
1) contact the receiving party (phone and contacts are indicated in the voucher of the receiving party);
2) call the phones specified in the health insurance policy.

Service of foreign citizens in Azerbaijan is paid. Be sure to make out the policy of international medical insurance for the entire period of stay in the country prior to travel.
In Baku and other cities of Azerbaijan, there is a system of emergency medical care, which is available around the clock, the telephone - (012) 103. There are also paid clinics where doctors provide assistance in private. Many pharmacies work around the clock.

6. Transfer information (if you have paid for the "transfer" service):

You are met in the city of arrival: the driver, at the airport in the arrival hall - at the exit to the waiting room after receiving the baggage, with the sign of the receiving party / name of the hotel, the full name of the tourists.
IMPORTANT: If for some reason you can not find a driver, contact the host (the phone is listed in the receiving party's voucher or [url = http: //] BOOKINGNAFTALAN.COM [/ url]).
The time of transport for the return transfer is specified by the tourists independently, on the spot, on arrival with the receiving party (if it is not indicated in the voucher of the receiving party).

7. Important telephones and communications (about cellular communications, and emergency telephones)

Telephone and mobile communications, as well as Internet use are carried out without problems.
Leading mobile operators - Azercell, Bakcell, Azerfon. Roaming is available to subscribers of up to 300 operators operating around the world. Mobile communication covers the entire country except for Nagorno-Karabakh. There are more than 30 Internet providers in the country. Internet cafe is widespread. Rates of access range from 0.4 to 0.8 euros per hour.
The hotels have an international code connection and all the necessary office equipment: fax machines, computers, internet and so on. In cities, there is a network of public telephones (payphones). You can call from such a device not only around the city, but also between cities and countries.
The country's international code is 994. The Baku code is 12. To call to Azerbaijan, you need to dial: +994 + city code + number in
The telephone number and contacts of the host country in Azerbaijan are indicated in the voucher of the receiving party.
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