Azerbaijan is a Muslim country. How does it relate to representatives of other faiths?

Azerbaijan is a Muslim country, but more than tolerant to representatives of other religions, nationalities and cultures. In the city of Baku and in the regions of the country there are Orthodox churches, the Catholic Church and the parish, synagogues. On June 10, 2012, a monument to the Pope John Paul II was opened in Baku in honor of commemorating the tenth anniversary of his visit to Azerbaijan. Baku maintains close cultural and humanitarian contacts with the Vatican, Moscow, Jerusalem and is the author of a number of initiatives in the field of intercultural and interreligious dialogue, the organizer of the World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue, held here every two years with the participation of religious, cultural and political figures from all regions of the world , as well as international organizations.

Can I refuse a visa and why?

The reasons can be different. Most importantly, the consul should not suspect you of immigration intentions. You must have strong ties in the homeland: family, children, bank accounts, good work, property. Also, it is impossible to obtain a visa to Azerbaijan with a visa to the self-proclaimed "Nagorno-Karabakh Republic". Nagorno-Karabakh is an integral part of Azerbaijan, which is under the occupation of Armenian troops. Naturally, in Azerbaijan, it is painful to perceive any cases of tourists visiting Nagorno-Karabakh illegally controlled by Armenia.
Also, in Azerbaijan, a transition to an electronic visa issuance system will be carried out in a short time, which will make it easier for foreigners and stateless persons to enter the country: they will not have to come to embassies and consulates, wait in queues. The forms of electronic questionnaires and all the necessary information on obtaining visas will be displayed on the websites of the embassies and consulates of Azerbaijan.

Are they accepted in Azerbaijani hotels, shops, etc.? dollars or euros?

Most companies do not accept dollars and euros, including restaurants and bars, as well as large stores. If you do not need a taxi, we recommend that you exchange money at your destination, because there, most likely, the rate will be higher than at the airport. However, the difference is not great. Therefore, if you are not going to change a large amount, you can safely do this at the airport.

I do not speak Azerbaijani at all, is this a problem?

Azerbaijanis are very friendly, and therefore, if they do not speak your language, they will find someone who can help you. At most tourist destinations, such as hotels, restaurants and resorts, it's easy to find someone who speaks Russian or English. If you need help on the street, and you speak only English, we recommend that you first turn to young people, because young people study in Azerbaijan, and English and Russian, while people above the average age are better able to speak Russian.

Is it possible to visit Nagorno-Karabakh?

In view of Armenia's occupation of the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh and surrounding areas, visiting Nagorno-Karabakh is temporarily impossible. Persons who visit Karabakh from the territory of Armenia automatically become persona non grata in Azerbaijan and may be subject to deportation if they come to our country as persons who committed illegal infiltration into the recognized territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

What is the average cost of living in Azerbaijan?

The average cost of living in Azerbaijan for a foreign tourist, including accommodation at an economy class hotel, food, moderate visits to attractions and entertainment and entertainment places is about $ 120 per day.

What do the stars mean (number of stars) in a hotel?

One star is an ultra economy class hotel with a minimum of services (daily room cleaning is not always included in them). All rooms are the same type. The cost of living in such hotels usually ranges from 20-50 manats.
Two stars are a small budget hotel, also with a minimum of services, but with obligatory daily cleaning of rooms. One or two types of rooms. The cost of accommodation in hotels of this category ranges from 25-55 manats.
Three stars-a middle-class hotel with a standard set of services: daily room cleaning, bathroom, TV, mini-bar or refrigerator in each room; In the territory there can be provided a laundry for the guests, a swimming pool, a gym, a business center, a place for the breakfast provided by the hotel. Availability of different types of rooms. The cost of accommodation in hotels of this category can be from 50 to 80 manats.
Four-star hotel is a high-class hotel that provides all the above services, as well as special (like SPA, massage, several bars and restaurants, conference rooms). The prices for rooms in such hotels are usually much higher than average. The cost of the room can vary from 80 to 150 manats.
Five stars are a luxury hotel. It features a wide range of additional services. The guest is given personal attention,
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