Treatment at Naftalan Resort

Naftalan is a balneological resort of Azerbaijan, which won worldwide fame thanks to the miracle of oil. The healing power of this natural resource is an effective way to treat more than 70 diseases. The main specialization of the resort is the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, skin, urological, gynecological diseases, neurology, associated ENT organs, peripheral vascular diseases. A complex hereditary disease such as psoriasis is very difficult to treat, but treatment with naphthalan oil is the most effective among all the methods known in the world today.

What is the effect of naphthalan oil on the body

Naphthalan is a thick liquid that has a black-brown color and is characterized by the presence of a specific odor. The therapeutic effect on individual organs and the human body is provided by naphthenic hydrocarbons. The healing properties of naphthalan oil are able to:

stop inflammation
to quench the pain
relieve allergy symptoms
promote vasodilation
have a positive effect on the restoration of the skin, disorders of which are characteristic of psoriasis
increases the intensity of metabolic processes
protect the body from harmful ultraviolet radiation and radiation
stimulate the production of hormones in the adrenal cortex
and also has the property that activates the intensity of trophic functions and metabolic processes, stimulates spermatogenesis, accelerates the processes of ovulation and ovogenesis.

How does naphthalan oil affect the body?

In the human body, naphthalan corrects three systems: nervous, endocrine and immune.

Under the influence of a warm naphthalan bath, the pores of the skin begin to expand. The substance, passing through the skin, enters the bloodstream. Then naphthalan is cleaned off with the help of napkins and the remains are washed off under the shower. However, it is worth remembering that you can not take a hot shower, for fear of repeated enlargement of the pores and loss of healing oil. After naphthalan therapy, you need to go to bed and rest for at least two hours. During rest, further splitting and assimilation of the substance by the skin occurs. With naphthalan therapy, peripheral vessels expand, which enhances sweating and heat transfer. This is a normal process, since then all substances harmful to the body come out with it. However, you can cool down. Therefore, it is necessary to dress warmly, not to drink cold drinks not only during treatment, but also for the next month after it. After naphthalan therapy, water procedures (pool, sauna, bathhouse, sea) should be avoided for a month, which can lead to the rapid removal of substances from the body.

Once in the blood, naphthalan is converted into cholesterol - a biologically energetic unit, steroid hormones (sex and adrenal glands), vitamin D and some cardiac glycosides. Thanks to naphthalan, a person stores up with anti-inflammatory hormones. It is also an immunomodulator.

It is important that naphthalan normalizes the endocrine system. It acts on the hypothalamus, which produces serotonin - the "hormone of happiness." After taking two baths, the level of serotonin begins to fluctuate: a person may have insomnia or drowsiness, mood swings are observed. This condition is normal and suggests that naphthalan acts on the hypothalamus.

Naftalan cannot anatomically repair nerve cells. However, under the influence of this substance, the conductivity of the nervous system is normalized.

Naftalanotherapy provides true (long-term) remission to the body, restoring its own systems.

To increase the effectiveness of naphthalan therapy is carried out in conjunction with additional procedures, which are selected and assigned individually after examination.

Diseases that can be cured in the resorts of Naftalan

According to indications, the Naftalan resort is suitable for you if one or more of the following diagnoses occurs:

One of the most effective treatments for skin diseases is naphthalan . It has anti-inflammatory, desensitizing , antihistamine and analgesic effects on the skin .

atopic dermatitis
pink lichen
cyclosis and other pyoderma
pressure sores
torpid ulcers
keratoderma and others
It is worth remembering that treatment exacerbates the symptoms of psoriasis. This is a normal reaction of the body to naphtha , which should not be scared. Symptoms will disappear on their own without additional treatment.

Indications for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system and musculoskeletal system:

Medicated oil is recommended to stimulate the growth of new cartilage cells, reduce muscle spasms, pain during palpation and functional disorders in the joints:

rheumatic polyarthritis (Sokolsky- Buillot disease in the passive phase of minimal activity)
rheumatoid arthritis, minimal activity polyarthritis
specific infectious arthritis, polyarthritis (brucellosis, dysentery, viral polyarthritis)
deforming spondylosis, spondylarthrosis
arthritis associated with other diseases, arthrosis: polyarthritis of gout, benign polyarthritis, vibration diseases
diseases of the periarticular soft tissues and musculoskeletal system: bursitis , tendovaginitis, periarthritis, myositis, myofassitis
ankylosing spondylitis

Indications for the treatment of gynecological diseases:

Naftalan treats gynecological diseases, providing anti-inflammatory, desensitizing, general and partial immunostimulating, analgesic and neurotrophic effects on the body, improves blood circulation of the pelvic organs. In addition, due to some types of bacteria and molds, the substance has bactericidal properties, promotes healing of scars and softens sutures.

adenxitis , salpingophoritis
easement , chronic recurrent colpitis
infertility of the first and second degree
menopausal syndrome
peritoneal joints of the pelvis

Indications for the treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases:

Naphthalan applications are used for many diseases of the ear, throat and nose. They have an anti-inflammatory, absorbable, antiseptic effect.

frontal sinusitis

Diseases of the peripheral nerves and central nervous system

The neuroimmune system is constantly exposed to stress, and its overstress affects our mental and physical health. The use of naphtha in the treatment of the following diseases and symptoms allows us to achieve a lasting positive therapeutic effect.

Peripheral nervous system diseases

Neuralgia and neuritis of various etiologies
Sciatica ( including lumbosacral)
Damage to the peripheral nervous system after injuries

Diseases of the central nervous system

The initial stage of atherosclerosis in the arteries of the brain
The consequences of traumatic injuries of the spinal cord and brain (concussion, concussion) in the absence of serious motor disorders
Astheno- vegetative syndrome

Indications for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease:
Naphtha acts on peripheral vessels by improving blood flow and rheological properties of blood.


Compensation of atherosclerosis of the limb vessels
Raynaud's disease
Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis
· Post-burn vascular trophic disorders
Important! Treatment with naphthalan oil is carried out outside the stage of exacerbation of diseases.

Contraindications to treatment in Naftalan

Contraindications can be categorical and conditional, and yet it is better not to take risks if one or more of the listed conditions at the moment you have a place to be.

An exacerbation or acute stage of an illness of an organ or system - during this period, the body needs a pathogenetic treatment, after which it is possible to consolidate the effect of recovery by spa treatment.

Acute joint diseases
Acute gynecological diseases (uterine bleeding, cyst, endometriosis , polyps, uterine fibroids and fibroids, conditions after curettage of the uterine cavity before the first menstrual cycle)
Kidney Disease (pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis )
Open skin diseases
Stomach ulcer
Organic diseases of the central nervous system
The presence of tuberculosis of any organ or system
Hypertension and chronic heart failure in the decompensation stage as well as angina attacks; the presence of atrial fibrillation and paroxysmal tachycardia; a history of myocardial infarction
Violation of blood circulation and blood coagulation, anemia
Complicated diabetes mellitus (risk of hypo - or hyperglycemia, diabetic angio- and encephalopathy)
Mental diseases are classified according to ICD 10 as diseases of a large psychiatric spectrum (that is, when the patient does not completely realize his actions and can be dangerous to himself or others)
History of epilepsy
Pregnancy and lactation
Venereal diseases
Glaucoma and any other diseases associated with increased intracranial pressure
Children under 6 years old
The presence of malignant or benign neoplasms of any localization; patients after chemotherapy, radiation therapy
Note that a person who underwent surgery to remove malignant or benign tumors can undergo naphthalanotherapy after five years. If after this period the test results show the absence of a relapse of the disease, he can undergo treatment with naphthalan .

How is the treatment in Naftalan and how does it begin

Sanatorium-resort treatment in the sanatoriums of Naftalan always begins with a consultation with a doctor, who, on the basis of a medical examination and additional studies conducted (if necessary), draws up an individual treatment plan that takes into account all the features of the patient’s health status.

An individual treatment plan includes a set of therapeutic procedures in the form of naphthalan baths and lubrications. For baths, native (natural) naphthalan is used , and for lubrication, tarless (refined) naphthalan . Tarred naphthalan does not irritate the mucous membranes, therefore it is successfully used both on the skin and in the form of tampons and baths, as well as for lubricating the gums , throat, nose; for phonophoresis in the form of oil inhalations.

Naftalan Oil Based Procedures

Naphthalan baths are taken for 8 to 12 minutes. The patient is placed in a bathtub filled with naphthalan oil, heated to a temperature of 37 - 38 C. According to patients, immersion and staying in such a bath is very pleasant and comfortable, as if immersed in warm chocolate. In total, from 8 to 14 baths are prescribed.
Through the pores, oil enters the bloodstream and is then excreted through the sweat glands. Toxic substances are also removed through the skin with sweat. When the bath is completed, naphthalan is cleaned from the body with a special spatula, and its remains are washed off under a warm shower. You can not take a hot shower due to increased sensitivity of the skin.

The temperature of the soul should correspond to body temperature, and in order to avoid hypothermia, you need to warmly dress and drink hot tea. This will lead to vasodilation and further self-cleaning of the body.

Naphtha has a calming effect on mental processes; you may be put to sleep. Therefore, it is recommended after the treatment procedure to go to bed and rest for at least 2 hours. After all, we know that any medicine acts more efficiently when we sleep (and regeneration at the cellular level is more active).

Naftalan lubricants (locally) are carried out by heating with a Sollux lamp (infrared radiation) of a place lubricated with purified oil. Lamp radiation facilitates the penetration of naphthalanic hydrocarbons through cell membranes and potentiates the bioactive effect of the substance. The lamp is kept at a distance of 75-100cm and usually prescribed up to 20 procedures for 20 minutes.

Ultraphonophoresis is also sometimes performed (the complex effect of ultrasonic vibrations and active cosmetology means on the body) with tarred naphthalan .

Through contact media, ultrasound increases the activity of drugs, contributes to their intracellular penetration, lengthening the period of their action, and reducing adverse reactions to the drug. With ultraphonophoresis, the necessary substances enter through the excretory ducts of the sweat and sebaceous glands. It is also important that naphtha is active not only intercellularly , but also intracellularly .

In addition to baths and lubrications, treatment with naphthalan includes:
Vaginal tampons - cotton swabs, abundantly moistened with tarred naphthalan 50 - 55 C, which are introduced into the vagina for 45 - 60 minutes. On a course of treatment of 15 - 20 tampons
Rectal microclysters (12 - 20 ml each)

The effect of naphthalan oil is enhanced by additional procedures.
Related treatments include physiotherapy
- A field of clinical medicine that studies the therapeutic effect of natural and artificially created natural factors on the human body. Examples of physiotherapy methods: sunlight, air baths, hydrotherapy, mineral water, exposure to heat and cold, electrical and electromagnetic effects, pressure (barotherapy), mechanical effects (massage, physiotherapy, banks), compresses (poultices), mud therapy.

Hydrotherapy includes contrasting showers ( Charcot for example ), baths (with and without salts, hot and cold, electrical and electromagnetic effects, pressure (barotherapy), mechanical effects (massage, physiotherapy, banks), compresses (poultices), mud therapy.

Hydrotherapy includes contrasting showers ( Charcot for example ), baths (with and without salts, hot and cool, with a hydro- effect).

Electrotherapy - is the use for therapeutic purposes of different types of electricity. Based on the property of certain types of electrical energy at therapeutic doses to change the functional state of organs and systems. Energy during electrotherapy is supplied to the body in the form of an electric current, magnetic or electric fields, and their combinations.

Apply general, local and segmental effects. With all methods, so-called nonspecific reactions common to many physical factors are manifested in the form of increased blood circulation, metabolism, tissue trophism (Medical Encyclopedia).

Gas treatment as an injection of natural carbon dioxide or dry gas baths.

We recommend that you bring with you the results of examinations with a limitation period of not more than 6 months from the date of the survey this is true for x-rays, computed tomography, ECHO-KG, EEG and ECG results and not more than 1 month from laboratory tests and ultrasound.

When undergoing a treatment course, it is recommended that you strictly observe the appointment of a balneologist, so as not to provoke a deterioration in health.

It should also be remembered that drug treatment is not included in the sanatorium-resort stage of rehabilitation, or their use is minimal. Therefore, the drugs you take for a long time, it is better to take with you.

The optimal period of treatment with naphthalan

The total duration of treatment is 18-20 days. During this time, patients take from 8 to 14 bath sessions with mandatory interruptions, under the supervision of medical specialists. The desired period of stay at the resort should be at least 14 days. Only in this case can the effect of treatment be obtained. And so that the effect lasts for a long time, doctors recommend visiting the resort every 6 months.
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